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There is such a thing as improving the ethics of law enforcement within the country. This is possible through Ethics in Policing Ltd, a non-governmental and non-profit organization. EiP or Ethics in Policing has been established with the ideal to supply and support the philosophy of transparency and openness in the law enforcement and policing community. This aim is possible by offering a forum worldwide, discussing the ethical issues which are inherent within policing and law enforcement. This aim is regarded as significant because not only does this affect various law enforcement organizations, it also affects the entire community. EiP will make sure that this objective is carried out.

If you are interested or involved within the system of criminal justice or policing, Ethics in Policing invites you to take part in this goal. The entire bodies of law enforcement are also urged to join this cause. You can share your knowledge regarding law enforcement. You can also share your different experiences regarding the ethical problems which affect the whole community. If there are certain things which you want to know more about, the online site of Ethics in Policing has an information Room where you can learn the things you want to know.

This section of EiP’s website puts up information and web links to world policing bodies and other related agencies. Through the info room of EiP, you will be able to search easily for a specific policing organization within a specific country. You can also browse information by continent. Other than information, you can also read policing news which pertains with ethical issues. This news is derived from all over the world and updated each day. What is more, the news is filed for possible references in the future. If you have research projects, you can support these by referring to the policing news update of EiP.

The vision of Ethics in Policing is the openness of the international law enforcement. EiP aims to develop, support, and uphold the philosophy of transparency and openness within the law enforcement’s international community. Forums are provided, wherein issues related to law enforcement are being discussed. This is done in order to fortify policing integrity with the help of proper ethical practices and leadership. The strengthening of police integrity will greatly benefit law enforcement members and the entire civilian community.

The development of the discussion forum aims to assist law enforcement organizations, agencies, and members who like to raise and discuss ethical matters related to policing. The ethical decisions made by law enforcement agencies are monitored. What is more, there is also an establishment of ethical benchmarking. There is a development of project and research so as to teach and uphold comprehension of ethical matters which influence and affect policing. The exchange of law enforcement concepts and practices are facilitated. This is done in order to improve the process of learning, thereby creating an ethical atmosphere within the community of law enforcement. Police training consultancy is also possible through Ethics in Policing. If you think that policing bodies seem to be getting corrupt, you can uphold the ethics of the international law enforcement by joining the cause of EiP.

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