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Business Ethics: The Law of Corporate Karma

According to the shamanic traditions, the great mystery of being is that all things are alive and have a level of intelligence. This is because all things are a part of the Great Spirit. However, all things also function individually, in thought and action. It is in these individual actions that karma is born. Karmic laws also state that all karma, both good and bad, must also return home...return to sender!

Ethics in Business...A Lost Art

While watching Face the Nation one Sunday earlier this year, Bob Schiffer discussed the airline industry, his mother and ethics in business. Like Bob, I think it is a sad commentary today, that we have to police businesses. Whatever happened to going into business to provide a needed service, being loyal to employees, and keeping promises.

Ethics in Business - Please Have Some

Is your business ethical?

Top 10 Principles for Positive Business Ethics

This morning, I read about a company using on-line auctions to defraud customers. Last week, I consulted on an ethics complaint where a business coach betrayed a client?s confidentiality. And, recently a Physician was convicted of insider trading based on information from a patient, a violation of both business ethics and her professional ethics.

How To Build A Business Ethics Program

Recent corporate financial scandals have highlighted the importance of business ethics and legal compliance. Yet a recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey of 280 corporate CEOs and directors found that "only one of three directors felt that they were highly effective in ensuring legal compliance".

Ethics In The Workplace

Workplace Ethics is a subject that we have all heard of. In fact, the subject of Ethics in general is something that most people are familiar with. And, what is commonly understood about ethics is there are ethics and then there are workplace ethics. What most people don?t realize, however, is that there is no such thing as workplace ethics; ethics are the same, (or, should be) whether in the workplace or in personal life.

Do Organizations Serve Us Or Do We Serve Organizations

We have seen an erosion in the confidence that society has in organizational leadership and its integrity recently with the numerous accounting scandals that have become public.Clearly this has led to the demise of several large organizations. In performance terms it is obvious that erosion of leadership integrity is not good for business.

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Shifting Culture and Climate in Todays Corporate World

This articles relates to the AlphaMeasure core competency Culture and Climate. AlphaMeasure defines climate as the effect an organization has on the employees, while culture refers more to the acceptable behaviors, attitudes, and habits of the organization as a whole. Knowing and understanding workplace culture and climate leads to a better understanding of what factors are influencing employees. In relation, the level of service your customers receive is almost always influenced by the culture and climate of your organization. This competency can be especially insightful if your organization is experiencing customer service related issues or problems working together internally.

Business Ethics: An Oxymoron

An oxymoron: the juxtaposition of contradictory words or concepts. That is what we have with the term "Business Ethics". The very contradiction that is inherent in this latter phrase is an indication of the challenge that individuals who work for organizations face as we all approach the resource limits of this planet.

Laws and Ethics?. Who?s Kidding Who?

Years ago I read an article by a renowned psychologist wherein he wrote his studies found one percent of all human beings would never lie, cheat or steal. One percent would always lie, cheat or steal and given the right set of circumstances, the rest of us would likely lie, cheat and/or steal.

Enron?s Ultimate Victim: Ethics

FROM the 'MORAL HIGH GROUND', where we imagine ourselves, the Enron fiasco should have come as no surprise. Enron is simply a quintessential example of the degradation of principles such as trust, loyalty and ethical standards.

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Work Ethics and the Customer

This article relates to the Ethics in the Workplace competency, commonly evaluated in employee surveys. It gives examples of how employees and customers consider ethical behavior and sound values an integral part of your organization. This competency covers a variety of topics like customer treatment, employee professionalism, and expected/acceptable organizational behaviors. At a high level, this competency will investigate the standards by which your employees treat your customers, co-workers, and the organization itself.

Business Ethics

There is much talk today about ethics in business - as there should be, but there should be more than talk; there should be a high moral code for all executives who are responsible to both their customers and their shareholders.

Work Ethics ? A Paradigm Shift

Work ethics is a hot topic in today?s business and educational worlds. Yet, how do we define this hybrid phrase with the word work meaning more than a specific outcome and the word ethics being more than the values that enhance that outcome?

Business Ethics: How The Sales Function Can Transmit Company Values

I recently got a "thank-you" call from a man who read my new e-book Buying Facilitation.

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Two timeframes for ethics  The Stanford Daily

There are, broadly speaking, two kinds of ethical questions, and they bear different relationships to the arcs of our lives. The first is “what should I do in this ...

Interior Officials May Have Broken Ethics Rule, Group Says  Bloomberg

Six senior Interior Department officials violated President Donald Trump's ethics pledge by dealing with former employers and clients while in office, according to ...

Highlights & transcript from Zuckerberg’s 20K-word ethics talk  TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg says it might be right for Facebook to let people pay to not see ads, but that it would feel wrong to charge users for extra privacy controls.

Federal ethics agency refuses to certify financial disclosure from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross  CNBC

The government's top ethics watchdog disclosed Tuesday that it had refused to certify a financial disclosure report from Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

OGE Raises Ethics Concerns Arising from Shutdown, after the Fact  FEDweek

The Office of Government Ethics has issued detailed guidance on the ethical implications of federal employees accepting financial and other assistance when in ...

What Poynter's going to do with $5 million for journalism ethics  Poynter

Editor's note: This week Kelly McBride is starting a series of meetings at newsrooms across the country, asking journalists about the ethical pressures they face ...

Oversight Committee Raises Ethics Concerns About Trump's Proposed Nuclear Power Deal With Saudi Arabia  Pacific Standard

The proposal gained traction in the early days of the administration because two top Trump advisers, who had potential financial stakes in the plan, pushed it to ...

Emmet County board chair faces ethics hearing Thursday  Petoskey News-Review

PETOSKEY — For the first time, Emmet County commissioners will test the enforcement measures laid out in the code of ethics they passed last year during a ...

North Dakota House passes ethics bill

North Dakota's House has approved a bill that develops rules to comply with a voter-approved constitutional amendment aimed at ethics reform.

Canada PM meets legislators for first time since ethics allegations  Reuters

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday faced legislators from his Liberal Party for the first time since two high-profile resignations over ethics ...

Vote for civility and ethics for better local governments  Miami Herald

There are many important municipal elections scheduled this year throughout Miami-Dade County. The impact of those elections on local residents spans ...

The only way is ethics: In search of cycling's moral compass - Journal  Rouleur

Convicted drug cheats welcomed back to the sport, Team Sky and British Cycling embroiled in scandals, and WorldTourteams sponsored by unsavoury regimes.

Interior Officials May Have Violated Ethics Rule, Complaint Says  Bloomberg

Six senior Interior Department officials violated President Donald Trump's ethics pledge by dealing with former employers and clients while in office, according to ...

Senate passes Ethics bill  Prairie Public Broadcasting

The North Dakota Senate has passed its version of enabling legislation to implement the voter-approved Constitutional measure on ethics. The Senate bill.

INTERIOR: Watchdogs seek probe of potential broken ethics pledges  E&E News

A private watchdog group today formally asked the Interior Department's Office of Inspector General to investigate potential ethics violations by six political ...

Ex-Lobbyists Run Amok at Interior Department, New Ethics Complaints Show  The Intercept

Only a few short weeks after President Donald Trump nominated David Bernhardt, a former oil and agriculture industry lobbyist, to run the Interior Department, ...

Creating An Ethical Workplace May Not Be Easy, But Is It Critical? Yes, It Is  Forbes

In today's difficult business environment, it can be easy to overlook ethical dilemmas in the workplace out of sheer exasperation. But when a company makes the ...

The Council of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation meets for the first time  LawInSport

Press Release 20th February 2019 The Council of the new Gymnastics Ethics Foundation held its first ever meeting on 19 February in Lausanne. The President ...

Ex-Canada minister at center of ethics allegations set to testify  Reuters

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The former Canadian justice minister at the center of allegations of wrongdoing by government officials said on Tuesday she would break ...

Overnight Energy: Group says Interior officials broke ethics pledge | New White House climate panel will have outspoken skeptic | Power plants’ CO2 on the rise | TheHill  The Hill

GROUP ALLEGES INTERIOR OFFICIALS VIOLATED ETHICS STANDARDS: A government ethics group is accusing six political officials at the Interior ...

ECI’s 2018 Global Business and Ethics Survey: Part III-Final Reflections  JD Supra

This week, in this podcast series on the FCPA Compliance Report, I visit with Patricia Harned, Ph.D., the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ethics and Compliance ...

Ethics + integrity  UCAR

At the core of our work at NCAR and UCAR are the values that underlie our institutional culture: scientific integrity, a diverse and inclusive workforce, ...

South Lyon Board Of Ethics Recommends City Council Discipline Councilman Richards  WHMI

The City of South Lyon Board of Ethics is recommending that City Council find one of their own in violation of the ethics ordinance against another ...

University students compete in CFA ethics challenge

On Feb. 14, the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management was awarded the winning title of the 2019 CFA Society Toronto Local Ethics Challenge.

Columbia City Council weighs ethics training  Columbia Daily Tribune

Fourth Ward Councilman Ian Thomas apologized to the Columbia City Council Monday night for an ethical lapse in November that he reported to the Missouri ...

Harvard works to embed ethics in computer science curriculum  Harvard Gazette

Computer science students examine issues such as privacy, censorship, and fake news in courses co-designed by philosophy professors as Harvard works to ...

Ethics commission recommends ban on campaign contributions from developers  Curbed LA

A proposal to ban developers and other planning professionals from making donations to local politicians cleared the city's ethics commission on Tuesday.

Dispute Resolutions: How Legal Ethics Tie In  The National Law Review

Highlighting legal and ethical standards, as it relates to dispute resolution, detailed by the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution.

Is the Indian Government Set to Regulate Artificial Intelligence And Its Ethics?  News18

This comes at a time when there is already a debate on online data privacy and data security.

Youth Strike for Climate and the Ethics of Climate Policy  State of the Planet

High school students in Australia and Europe have begun a series of one-day strikes and demonstrations to demand that their elders treat climate change as a ...

The ecological danger of ethical impoverishment (Holistic ethics)  High Country News

The West is facing challenges that won't be solved without moral considerations.

Trump appointees promoted nuclear sales to Saudis despite security and ethics objections, House Democrats say  Los Angeles Times

Several current and former Trump administration appointees promoted the sale of nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia despite repeated objections from ...

Editorial board: District must address ethics standards with all educators  Casper Star-Tribune Online

Every day that a parent sends their child off to school, they do so under the assumption that their child will be treated with respect and kindness from their ...

Openness advocates blast ethics panel bill  Albuquerque Journal

SANTA FE, N.M. — Senate measure would set up board 'shrouded in secrecy,' critics say.

'Very concerning': Senate watchdog hasn't finished an ethics probe since 2017  CBC News

The Senate Ethics Officer didn't publish a single inquiry report last year, prompting some senators to wonder exactly what the office (which has a $1.2 million ...

Rethinking Medical Ethics  Forbes

A look at how medical practitioners, researchers and medical ethicists are approaching some of the most pressing ethical challenges presented by AI.

Convercent Launches on Microsoft Azure to Empower Customers to Securely Help Solve Ethical, Regulatory and Compliance Challenges  Associated Press

DENVER, Feb. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convercent, a leading provider of ethics and compliance software, today announced its launch on Microsoft ...

Trump 'not mentally well,' should be removed under 25th Amendment, former Bush ethics attorney says  Fox News

President Donald Trump is “not well at all mentally” and Congress needs to remove him under the 25th Amendment, former President George W. Bush's chief ...

Parkridge Health System Hires John Baldwin, Market Associate Administrator And Co-Ethics And Compliance Officer  The Chattanoogan

Parkridge Health System hired John Baldwin as market associate administrator and co-ethics and compliance officer. Working closely with Tom Ozburn, ...

Analysis | The Technology 202: Pentagon promises to make ethics a priority in first AI strategy  The Washington Post

Ctrl + N. The Pentagon building on Dec. 26, 2011. (AFP photo staff/AFP/Getty Images). The Pentagon is committing to prioritize ethics and safety as it ramps up ...

Disagreement between House, Senate could derail DeKalb ethics fix  Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Georgia Senate has approved a plan to get the DeKalb County Ethics Board back working, but a key House member has other ideas.

A Study on Driverless-Car Ethics Offers a Troubling Look Into Our Values  The New Yorker

Caroline Lester on a game called “Moral Machine,” and an effort to determine what driverless cars should do if faced with a version of the trolley problem.

Atlantic City employees receive ethics training for first time in 25 years  Press of Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY — State and city officials announced Wednesday that nearly all of the resort's 900 public employees completed mandatory local government ...

INTERIOR: Bernhardt goes on the ethics offensive -- Monday, February 4, 2019  E&E News

Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is blasting his Democratic predecessors and targeting a former National Park *Service* director as he touts ...

MPs slam Facebook as they call for social media code of ethics  ITV News

Facebook has an "opaque" structure which appears to be designed to "conceal knowledge of and responsibility for specific decisions”, MPs have said in a report ...

Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer stopped listing business customers on ethics form years ago  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A decade before she launched her bid for state Supreme Court, Lisa Neubauer stopped making public a list of customers for her husband's business.

Improved gene editing moves ethical questions to the fore  Harvard Magazine

The gene-editing technology CRISPR/Cas9 has been described as a word processor for DNA, but Kevin Eggan says it has all the finesse of a thermonuclear ...

Ethics legislation on tap for NMiF  UNM Newsroom

This week on New Mexico in Focus, correspondent Gwyneth Doland reports from the Roundhouse on the latest movement regarding ethics legislation and ...

After Nate Boulton, Iowa Senate rewrites its ethics rules to encompass non-Capitol activity  Des Moines Register

The Iowa Senate has adopted new ethics rules that remove a statute of limitations on when a complaint can be filed against a senator and clarify accountability ...

Ethics committee to question Waterfront Toronto executives over Sidewalk Labs project  The Globe and Mail

Two Waterfront Toronto executives who work on the agency's smart-city partnership with Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs will appear before the House of ...

Who Puts the Ethics in AI? | Avast  Security Boulevard

Davos 2019, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, took place in January in its namesake city of Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, AI emerged as one of ...

The ‘Ethics’ of Trump’s Border Wall  The New York Times

A wall would cause harm to immigrants and refugees, all of whom are equal to us in the eyes of God.

Ethics Investigation Into Former Gov. Hickenlooper's Travel Gifts Continues  Colorado Public Radio

An attempt to dismiss the complaint that Hickenlooper improperly accepted free lodging and travel on private jets failed.

With Introduction of H.R.1, House Democrats Push Significant Campaign Finance, Ethics, and Voting Reforms  JD Supra

The new Congress is already a noisy one on issues relating to campaign finance, voting and ethics reform, although it's unlikely that any legislation making ...

"we are breathing and eating our own plastic clothing" – phoebe english on fashion's ethics  i-D

Instead of a show, the south-east London designer paused the ever-accelerating product conveyor belt with a two-part exhibition.

Beyond the Stigma: CMC focuses on ethics for treating heart-damaged IV drug users  The Union Leader

MANCHESTER —The patient was just 18 and seriously ill when she came to the emergency room at Catholic Medical Center in the summer of 2015.

Echoes of Iran’s revolution, Harley-Davidson’s downshift and driverless-car ethics  The Economist

IN TODAY'S episode of “The Intelligence” we examine how the echoes of Iran's revolution, 40 years ago, still influence how the Islamic Republic deals with the ...

Can we make artificial intelligence ethical?  The Washington Post

Artificial intelligence will change everything. But should it?

Invest in AI’s ethical future  TechCrunch

I spent a recent Saturday morning talking to a group of grade school kids about artificial intelligence. Many of them had never coded before, let alone heard of AI.

Ethics complaint against then-judge candidate dismissed  Gainesville Sun

The state's Ethics Commission said it doesn't have the authority to investigate complaints of judicial misconduct. A complaint alleging that 8th Circuit Judge ...

Hancock Co. Commissioner fulfills terms of ethics complaint ruling  WTOV Steubenville

An ethics complaint that was filed against a Hancock County Commissioner in 2017 was finally put to rest on Thursday. The complaint related to the use of ...

Susan Wild tapped for House Ethics panel  Allentown Morning Call

Lehigh Valley Congresswoman Susan Wild has been tapped to serve on the House Ethics Committee, a panel that enforces standards of conduct in the U.S. ...

Top Democrat says Trump lawyers provided false information to ethics officials  ThinkProgress

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) made the stunning allegation Friday that President Donald Trump's lawyers gave “false statements” to government ethics officials ...

Watchdog Group Files Fundraising Ethics Violation Complaint Against Gillibrand  National Review

A watchdog group filed an ethics complaint on Monday against Democratic 2020 presidential contender Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, saying she violated Senate ...

Recent events highlight an unpleasant scientific practice: ethics dumping  The Economist

THE ANNOUNCEMENT in November of the editing of the genomes of two embryos that are now baby girls, by He Jiankui, a Chinese DNA-sequencing ...

Goodbye, trolley problem. This is Silicon Valley’s new ethics test.  The Washington Post

For tech companies, it's no longer enough to just be woke.

Murphy introduces act aimed at having Supreme Court adopt code of ethics

A Connecticut senator is looking to create a code of conduct for the nation's top court.

Arkansas Senate approves increase in maximum ethics fines  KATV

The Arkansas Senate has approved a plan to increase the maximum fines the state Ethics Commission can levy, one of several measures proposed in response ...

Trudeau’s cabinet faces 5th ethics investigation — here’s how Stephen Harper’s office compared  Global News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet is facing another ethics investigation — his fifth one since taking office in 2015.

Ethics advisor investigating actions of two St. Charles School Board members  Kane County Chronicle

ST. CHARLES – An ethics advisor is investigating whether St. Charles School District 303 Board President Kathleen Hewell and Vice President Nick Manheim ...

Must aid be an ethical dilemma?  Columbia Journalism Review

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, killing 200,000 people, destroying Port-au-Prince, and leaving more than a million people ...

Amazon knocked off top of UK consumer poll once ethics considered  The Guardian

Firm falls to fifth place in customer satisfaction poll with First Direct ranked best.

Andrew Gillum’s Florida Ethics Troubles Just Got Worse  Slate

The state ethics commission found probable cause that Gillum violated Florida law by failing to report gifts from lobbyists.

Mount Vernon ethics board wants Mayor Richard Thomas to pay $5K fine he has not paid  The Journal News |

The Mount Vernon Board of Ethics has asked a judge to order Mayor Richard Thomas to pay a $5000 fine it imposed over his financial disclosure forms.

Fortnite's Appropriation Issue Isn't About Copyright Law, It's About Ethics  VICE

Epic Games must credit the black artists whose work it has appropriated.

‘Three Identical Strangers’: The high cost of experimentation without ethics  The Washington Post

For decades, American scientists pushed for progress without regard for human subjects.

Stanford and the Ethical Dilemma of Silicon Valley’s Next Generation  The Ringer

Following major scandals at Facebook, Google, and others, how is the university known as a feeder system for tech giants coming to grips with a world in which ...

Ethics Complaints Hit Arizona's David Stringer for Sex Charges, Racist Talk  Phoenix New Times

State Representative David Stringer faces dueling ethics complaints related to his 1983 sex charges and recent history of making racist comments.

Pushback Rises Against Silicon Valley's Over-The-Top Work Ethic  Forbes

We see it all the time in movies and television shows: digital companies, with their converted warehouses with exposed-duct-work ceilings staffed by millennials ...

Microsoft's President Met With the Pope to Talk About Ethical AI  Futurism

Pope Francis met with the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, on Wednesday for a closed-doors meeting about the future of artificial intelligence. When they ...

Press Statement: He Jiankui  Practical Ethics

The response to reckless human experimentation has to go way beyond Dr He's dismissal. This is not merely a failure of compliance, Dr He failed to grasp the ...

Appointed Greenport judge's ethics scrutinized  Hudson Valley 360

GREENPORT — Attorney Barry Sack was appointed interim town justice Feb. 6 on the heels of concerns about his ethics and financial background and criticism ...

China's Latest Cloned-Monkey Experiment Is an Ethical Mess  Gizmodo

Chinese researchers have cloned five gene-edited monkeys with a host of genetic disease symptoms, according to two scientific papers published today.

Islam vs Societal Ethics: Scholars on How Public Perception Affects Religion  Sputnik International

Between 3 and 5 February, Pope Francis made his first ever trip to Abu Dhabi. Speaking to Sputnik, UK researcher Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and US academic ...

Address the ethical violations that led to 'Three Identical Strangers'  STAT

The 1960s study that separated twins and triplets and sent them to different adoptive families was ethically flawed. It's not too late for redress.

Easy Little Ways To Lead A More Ethical Everyday Life  Junkee

It can be hard to know how to make ethical decisions. We've rounded up a list of easy ways you can live a more ethical everyday life.

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