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Business Ethics: A Quiz with Many Right Answers

Sally Rhys asked:

You can find various business ethics quizzes around thPick the one answer you think is wrong. This one is different. Each question has only one WRONG answer, doesn’t analyze your answers and tell you where you went wrong. Rather, it is simply intended to raise your ethical consciousness, maybe even stimulate a little discussion between you and your peers or family.

In this quiz, try to pick the answer that is wrong. I hope the “wrong” answers are obvious if you care about business ethics.


1. My reputation

a. Is only as good as my word

b. Precedes me

c. Once lost is hard to regain

d. Is the legacy I’ll leave behind

e. Doesn’t matter to me.

2. Following my employer’s Code of Ethics

a. Could be important to my success

b. Requires interpretation to get it right

c. Will make me a better leader

d. Is a waste of time

e. Requires a certain level of consciousness and some attention to detail

3. Pointing out ethical transgressions at work

a. Can be awkward

b. Helps raise awareness for us all

c. Is a career ending move

d. Can backfire

e. Could be educational all the way around

4. Keeping the workplace ethical

a. Makes it a better place to work

b. Is hopeless

c. Requires clarity around ethical standards

d. Means top management has to do it

e. Leads to a more profitable company

5. My employer’s ethical reputation

a. Is in the dumps and dropping

b. Reflects on me

c. Is partially set by how I behave

d. Makes a difference in the bottom line

e. To some extent determines whether people will buy our products

6. Accepting gifts from vendors

a. May be fine within limits

b. Should under no conditions affect my willingness to buy from them

c. Has stricter rules in the US than is some other countries

d. Is a great idea to get as much as you can!

e. Should probably be disclosed to the ethics office, particularly if it is valued at over a certain amount

7. I care about business ethics because

a. America’s reputation has suffered recently

b. Good business ethics can restore better profits

c. I don’t want to work somewhere slimy

d. Good business ethics creates a more just workplace

e. They substitute for my complete lack of business ethics.

The wrong answers would likely come from someone who is apathetic and/or cynical. Sometimes, we do feel either of those feelings. However, life is short and the well-lived life is a life of integrity. Living a life of integrity means caring about business ethics.

If you enjoyed taking this quiz, share it with your friends. If you work in an office that cares about ethics, share it at the next staff meeting. Leave it in the lunch room. Pick the one question that you like most and talk about it over beers this weekend. On your commute home, think about what you want to do differently going forward. Send the quiz anonymously to your boss. Keep the discussion going about the importance of ethics in business!

Copyright by Sally Rhys of Coaching for Perspective, July 2008