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Volunteer at Mecd Organisation in Nicaragua

Basecamp International Centers asked:

The MECD organization is the National board of directors in charge of the entire country education system, they work toward a free education in urbans semi-urbans and rural zones as well, throughout the whole country. In the rural areas they only can afford to have elementary schools, but in larger communities or towns they have at least one high school. Their objective is to form productive, ethic and competitive citizens stressing the importance of hard work, integrity, personal responsability, creating a democratic education system that can reach all children and youth in the Nation. They work along with the Sports board of directors to drive young people toward sport, creating new courts and public amenity. Volunteers must be of age 18 or above with minimum education of high school. This placement doesnot need any volunteer in the month of Jan,Jul and Dec.

Volunteers can assist by doing following tasks:-

They will work directly with the schools, and the staff, this depending on what the volunteer choice. 1- English teachers 2- Math teachers 3- geography teachers 4- socials cience teachers 5- Profecional english teachers- this is very important for the Nicaraguan teachers. 6- web design teacher 7- handycraft teachers

Volunteers with the following special skills are preferred for the placement:-

Teacher – English Teacher – Math Teacher – Science Teacher – Geography Teacher – Environmental Science Teacher – Physical Education TEFL Certificaiton / Training Handicraft Design Business Management Computers – Web Design Computers – General Programming Teacher – Social Science Teacher – Commerce, Finance, Business

Yes, Basecamp International welcomes all the interested non local participants to volunteer and make a difference. If you are interested in this placement then for the details youcan

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