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Take a Look at the Issue of Ethics and Medicine

mahendra asked:

The issue of ethics and medicine is very difficult to raise, greatly by Dr S G Kabra, who is a medical practioner, is unusual in that he is very consistently giving a look at the anomalies in the medical profession. In “Medicine Deranged”, he looks at the process through which the public health system has been associated by the powerful, while the private sector is not accessible to the poor. He suggests that there is a parallel between the co-option of the medical profession by the State in India, and medical practice under the Nazis.  The office of graduate studies is located on the university of kansas medical center campus in kansas city and is a unit of the office of academic affairs.

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There are particular subjects in Medical Standards which stretches on the theme of medical practice and standardized situations.  It possesses real-life circumstances which raise many questions. Cases includes questions of confidentiality in sensitive areas such as HIV and pre-marital pregnancies; weighing the right to work against the risks of infection, in the case of a person with tuberculosis. The cases include the responsibility of doctors to keep or maintain some secrecy.

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