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The Facts Regarding Ethical Issues with Alternative Therapies

Martin Richfield asked:

No matter what the ailment, condition, or disease, every patient has the right to choice regarding the treatment, even if this means not taking treatment that could be life saving. There are always concerns with having any treatment or taking any medications. Ethical issues with alternative therapies do not necessarily have to be looked at in a negative way.

In fact ethical issues regarding alternative therapies should be thought about as merely just another piece of information to allow patients to make their mind up about the treatments. Any information, positive or negative, surrounding a treatment is a positive thing for the patient. Knowledge is always necessary when making decisions about treatments. Alternative therapies are often used instead of traditional treatments, but are also used frequently in combination with traditional treatments. Therefore, there is knowledge regarding the therapies, the use of the therapies, and how they can affect the traditional treatment.

Some of the existing ethical issues with alternative therapies exist specifically around the area of diet pills and supplements. The concerns about taking supplements of any kind are that they are not regulated like food and prescription drugs are. They can word things differently and market them differently.

However, equipped with this knowledge people seeking the use of a diet supplement or any herbal supplement are less likely to jump into taking something without doing the necessary added research. In addition, some of the treatments and therapists that administer the treatments are not governed or regulated by any national body. Therefore, qualifications are unknown or not met. With this information people can research the technique as well as the technician and can make a decision based upon the credentials that are found.

Ethical issues with alternative therapies definitely come into play when people involved closely with the traditional medical system, for instance a stay in the hospital, who want to use alternative therapies. The nurses, nursing aids, as well as the other medical staff, have to be aware of the interactions between the two types of medical treatment.

Therefore, the knowledge regarding the ethical issues with alternative therapies as well as the benefits and consequences need to be known by the patient and medical professionals. Ethical issues with alternative therapies are just another tool for people to equip themselves with before making a decision about their health and the treatment. Alternative therapies are often an excellent way to gain some relief from a condition or illness when there is the possibility of religious or other belief system values preventing traditional medical treatments.