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Have Ethics Been Lost in Cyber World?

Deb Hopkins asked:

omic times as they are, many are turning to the internet to find ways to add to their income or replace incomes.

The internet offers so much to so many across the globe……or does it?

People are bombarded with all sorts of opportunities that leave the viewer wondering which one should they try.

So many chances to earn money and make more than one makes currently working………….leaves people open to birds of prey.

People need to understand the different types of opportunities available and then decide which ones are they willing to take the risk on.

MLM or multi-level marketing can make people money………….some even have great products. The problems that I have come across in MLM is that the companies are not interested in selling to consumers.

MLM companies do not need consumers because the distributors who join an MLM company are the consumers. As a distributor, you are marketing to get more distributors under you and for the privilege of having a chance at making big money, you must purchase a specified dollar amount of product every month that is autoshipped to you and directly billed to your credit card.

The newest ploy with MLM is the “Pre-Launch” phase. “Get in now, position yourself, join for free”…….the problem is once the “Pre-Launch” phase is over be prepared to pay out several hundred dollars for your privileged position.

Do Your homework on MLM companies to find out first if the products are worth the cost and save yourself time and energy.

Gifting Programs………seems to be the hottest thing since sliced bread……………..I will not get into the legalities here, that is up for grabs……..but ask yourself one question…..Why if gifting is legal does your cold hard cash come via Fedex with the actual cash inside a magazine? Why do they not use payment processors or checks?

The IRS code is partially used to show how legal gifting is, yet they send the gift in cash via Fedex or some other shipping company.

Beware of videos you see…..it is very easy to send yourself some cash via Fedex and make a video of them arriving and opening the envelope for all to see the cash they are receiving.

There are all sorts of programs out there claiming they are making hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per month and you can do the same for a one time fee or a monthly fee………

Beware of the hype and the claims. The ones I love are “do nothing” claims….just pay x amount and they will put people under you.

There are legit programs out there, you just have to put a blind eye to the hype and bs out there….and do your homework.

Do not let yourself be fooled by promises of unrealistic goals.

Yes, there are people out there that are making 6 or 7 figures a year online, but remember they worked very hard by putting their time in to market and learn. They did not start out at the top.

Online Marketing takes hard work and it can be done but it is a process that takes time and commitment.

Currently, I myself am making money online with a program that has No out of pocket cost without the hype. So yes, you can do the same, just do not let yourself fall into some of the less ethical practices that will only drain your wallet.

Wishing you all great success