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The Importance of Fair-trade and Ethical Products

Gen Wright asked:

These days technology is rising quickly, and it still does because it makes people’s life easier. Nowadays the web is used to do pretty much anything, from finding basic to complex information, meeting new people and even buying and selling products. Not like the old day when people need to buy something they always go to the market. Today we can stay at home, open our web browsers and with a few clicks we can get what we are looking for by having it conveniently shipped to our homes.

When it comes to technology it all sounds beautiful and simple but there is most definitively a downside. The cost of technology, in many cases, affects the well being of Mother Nature and by consequence ourselves thus, not being completely ethical. Many technologies that companies develop and produce are not safe to our planet and as a result these unsafe products can damage the earth. It is true that human kind cannot get anything without first giving something in return but in the process we forget just how valuable the things we sacrifice really are, for example, a farmer who plant coffee or rice will always want to get the best price for his work, he is part of the supply part of the market but in many cases people’s demand is too high which makes producers work even harder and putting more strain on the earth used to cultivate the good, if this process continues we will soon regret being part of this demand/supply chain because the one suffering and taking a big hit in the long run is Mother Earth. Striking a balance between fair pricing and lowering the impact the planet takes because of our demand is why fair-trade is important.

What is buying fair-trade? Fair-trade is a system of trade based on a direct relationship and partnership between buyers and producing community. Fair Trade makes sure that farmers and artisans receive a fair price for their products, have direct involvement in the marketplace, and uphold environmental and labor rights standards. The system builds real and last relationships between producers in developing countries and businesses and consumer. Buy fair-trade means that you make selection to the products you want to buy. You only buy products that are not giving exploitative to the earth (it is friendly product) and the products that already have a fair price.

What about the ethical products? The ethical products are some products that are made or create by thinking about the safeties for the earth. These like the friendly products or usually people said these are organic products. According to the latest information, people who buy organic products are increase. It is because they started to care with the planet earth that we are living in and great awareness of the issue surrounding the source of the products. And it is because many producers make organic products.

Even the organic products are more expensive but most people still choose to buy these products. Food and beverage are dominated ethical products that the consumers buy. Followed by eco-friendly stuff that most people say eco-green living. For example like clothing, house wires, jewelry, handicrafts, and accessories and of course the most important is organic foods (rice, vegetables, fruits and staples).

This fair-trade and ethical product is issue that is important to know and to do. Because this issue has many consequences for the producers, relailers and consumers. So, start from today why we do not buy in fair-trade and ethical products. It will give many benefits to us and also protect our earth. Just go green.