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Volunteer for Hope for the Future Hiv Clinic in Ghana

Basecamp International Centers asked:

Yingor Development Foundation is a non-profit organizaton that strives to help with community development, HIV education and civic education projects. Through a series of programs in which they visit different communities, they work hard to educate as many people as possible in these areas. Once the clinic is built, it will be available to the citizens of the Keta Peninsula. Looking into the future, our goal is to acquire the clinic with equipment to perform rapid HIV/AIDS tests, condoms, information pamphlets and to make periodic trips to the surrounding isolated communities. We believe this clinic will have a very large impact on the Volta Region, and consequently the whole country. Many people do not learn health education in schools, or if they do it is not until they are much older. Our targeting age is youth (13-20) because we believe that giving them sex education and disease prevention information before they start having sex is critical if HIV/AIDS will be prevented. Hope For The Future is designed to be a clinic for HIV/AIDS testing and counseling. Our aim is to not only provide free testing services, but hold educational classes as well. It is our belief at Yingor that the younger generation of Ghanaians need to be better equipped to fight this awful disease, and we plan to help them by educating the youth and encouraging them to get tested. The help we will require from volunteers initially, is to build the clinic itself. Once the clinic is built, we will rely upon continuing volunteers, both Ghanaian and foreign, and the members of Yingor Development to help keep the clinic running. 

 Your main job as a volunteer will be to build part of the Hope 4 Future clinic. Tasks may include: assisting with the clearing of the land, pouring the foundation, producing bricks (It really depends at what point the project is at). You may also have an opportunity to do small health promotion projects on the side. We will have knowledgeable individuals supervising and directing the building. All that is required of you is you willingness to work, positive attitude, patience and a reliable work ethic. Please note that although this placement is a Health and Medical Placement, volunteers will be taking part mostly in the actual building of the clinic.   All that is required of the participants is their willingness to work, patience and a reliable work ethic. What specific skills are they looking for at this placement? Health & Hygiene Training HIV/AIDS Awareness Training Public Health General Labour Sexual & Reproductive Health Training 

 Basecamp International Centers welcomes all the interested volunteers from around the world to volunteer and make a difference. If you are interested in this placement then please contact us for the details: Email: info@basecampcenters.com Website: www.basecampcenters.com Mailing Address 298 Bagot Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7K 3B4 Phone: 613.541.7862 Toll Free : 866.646.4693 Fax: 613.541.1604